I'm running this code to copy views from a list to another:

foreach (SPView vw in listTempl.Views)
    SPView thisVw = myList.Views[vw.Title];
    if (thisVw == null)
         myList.Views.Add(vw.Title, vw.ViewFields.ToStringCollection(),
             vw.Query, vw.RowLimit, vw.Paged, vw.DefaultView);

The code should run within an Event Receiver. Indeed it doesn't get executed past the if() part: when it comes to a view which is not present in the target list, code interrupts in some way (the event receiver is not executed past that).

Same code (properly adapted) in powershell runs OK:

foreach ($vw in $listTempl.Views)
    $thisVw = $myList.Views[$vw.Title];
    if ($thisVw -eq $null)
        $myList.Views.Add($vw.Title, $vw.ViewFields.ToStringCollection(),
                            $vw.Query, $vw.RowLimit, $vw.Paged, $vw.DefaultView);

I put a breakpoint at the if() line: it is reached for every existing view (eg. the default ones) but it seems to be even skipped for new views.

I tried checking for null view.Title instead of the view itself, with no luck.

I think I am approaching in a wrong way, could you give me any hint?

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    Put a breakpoint @ the line SPView thisVw = myItem.Views[vw.Title] in C# and check the value of myItem.Views by adding it to a watch. That should give you a hint on why you are not able to find the view. – Arsalan Shahid May 22 '15 at 16:51
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    Is myItem a list item or is it a list? – Graham May 22 '15 at 17:00

It seems you are using a cached version of SPWeb object. Try creating new SPWeb object and retrieving SPList and SPViews.

Also try recycling SharePoint Timer Service.

  • the C# code would run within an EventReceiver. Should I use the "using SPWeb..." syntax? – En-j May 26 '15 at 15:12

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