I have SP2013 set up in VMs on 1 server. I have 3 VMs: DC, SQL, SP (

My internal domain is klab.com and but I bought a domain on godaddy called myname.com

My static IP is so I created a record in GoDaddy that points myname.com to

In CAm on the web app I created an Alternative Access Mapping in the Internet Zone for "myname.com" and in IIS I created the binding for it. I reset IIS (just in case).

However, I can't get "myname.com" to point to SP ( I assume I need to do something in DNS but I'm not sure what exactly. Do I need a whole new Forward Lookup zone and set the A record there?


To access the site by example.com, you will need to add a DNS Host (A) record for the site.

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