I stumbled on a weird problem yesterday and I found why this occurs, but I am clueless on how to resolve that.

First, in our SharePoint site, we have a list named «Categories» where we have different categories defined and where we can set a default value.

We have also a Site column (Choice) «Category» where we have the list of Categories and the default value who is set with the one select in the Categories list. This column is needed for when we edit document category through SP sites.

That is for the introduction!

The problem:

When I change the default value in the Categories list, each existing Document libraries have their site column «Category» updated with the new default value. But when I create a new document in those lists, the default value (Word metadata) in the category property is set with the old default value. And I found why. It's because the template.docx associate with the list, contain the category property set with the initial default value.

Is there a way to refresh this template.docx for all existing Document Library when the default value is updated?

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