I am trying to write a PowerShell script for my SharePoint 2013. The idea is that I what to select all the links that are referencing /documents/ folder, and that ends with either .doc .docx or .pdf. in other words I want all the links that are referencing /documents/ folder and that are either Word or PDF. so I wrote the following If statement :-

 $links = $file.ForwardLinks;
    foreach($link in $links){ 
        if($link.url -like '*/Documents/*' -and ($link.url -like '.doc' -or $link.url -like '.docx'  -or $link.url -like '.pdf') ){

But this will not select any links. Although there are link that contain both /documents/ & .pdf.

Can anyone advice on this please?


Wouldn't you need to make this: ($link.url -like '.doc' -or $link.url -like '.docx' -or $link.url -like '.pdf')

like this:

($link.url -like '*.doc' -or $link.url -like '*.docx'  -or $link.url -like '*.pdf')
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You can also do the same using

$ext = [System.IO.Path]::GetExtension($link.url)
if($ext -eq '.doc' or $ext -eq '.docx' or $ext -eq '.pdf')
   #file found
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You're missing * in all the file extension tests

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