I have a Infopath Form which is list based modified and having a submit button with 4 fields . Prjct_id, Prjct_Nm, Prjct_Dt, Phase_id.

On entering prjct_id and Phase_id and click on button the data is populated and saved to list. Data connection is used (REST Web service) here to get data.It is working fine when i enter valid prjct_id and phase_id.

I am able to get the data and submitted to list but if I am entering wrong prjct_id and phase_id it shows the same data of previously submitted id . How to make it avoided when i enter invalid prjct_id and phase_id it should not show any data .

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I have resolved it after so many tweaks. Added a button and set values to the fields to make them empty . One more thing is while querying the data in rule I have set the query for data after I change the rest web service url. It resolved my issue.Thanks.

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