Recently we are experiencing some issue regarding to login to SharePoint site.

the problem seems to be related to “password ABOUT to expire”, because they can login to a computer without a problem. If an account is already expired, then computer will prompt them to change it. Yes, it only happens in SharePoint.

is this a known issue in SharePoint? or any workaround to allow them access the sharepoint when their passwords are about to expire, but are not expired yet?

any feedback please?

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As Long as it is not expired, they should be able to log in in SharePoint. As soon as it IS expired, the username/Password combination is invalid for Login. Thats ActiveDirectory, not SharePoint-related


I think You should check in AD if user's password expired or not. I think user never logoff from the PC rather lock the PC. Do the following.

  • Ask customer to Log off from PC or even reboot it.
  • Mean While check in AD, if user's password expired or not

User can login to SharePoint site as long as user's ID active and password never expired. I got these about to expire emails every other months for a week but no issue until it expired.

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