I am configuring a workflow in SharePoint Designer to send email when status is changed to draft or pending authorization. I want to send mail . so when I am changing status in this url(http://abcd:1111/_layouts/15/wrksetng.aspx?List=%7B38234571-368D-4127-A3BE-1C75C202C804%7D) the workflow inprogress it displaying some time for 1 and after some time inprogress is becomes 0. means the workflow is running, but the emails are not sending. Where can I see the workflow log details in SharePoint 2013. I want to see workflow log details.

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Event Viewer, but:

By default the Analytic and debug log for workflow manager is disabled. You can enable the event viewer and see what’s going on under the hood. You can find out details on how to enable the event viewer in Analyzing Workflow Management Logs in Workflow Manager 1.0

Also more information about Debugging SharePoint Server 2013 workflows here

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