I am created one submit rule which it has the action 1) query using a data connection: Main connection 2) set a field's value @fullname = 1.

I need help creating a second rule inserting all the field set data to the database.

SQL server = sql_server1; 
Database = database_name_here; 
table = database_table_name

concat("ExecuteSqlQuery /dsname=SQL /sql=set database_name_here off INSERT INTO [dbo].[database_table_name] ([ID],[Full Name]) VALUES (@ID, @fullName)")


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This is not really the best approach to post the data to SQL via infopath. I would suggest to follow the below

  1. create a web service which internally connects to SQL server. Consume that service and post to the service in infopath.

reference link

  1. Create a BCS external list and then modify the forms using infopath with required rules and submit the data. Refer Here

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