Really sorry as title of my question is not so clear. Here is the actual problem.

I am creating Folder in Document Library using LIST.asmx service and updating url of folder in database.

But suppose in future any user rename the folder name then still that folder should open from "url" which we stored on database is the requirement. Note: I can not update database url when I rename folder.

Tried lot to search on th.at but no luck. Please suggest me so that I can try something.

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FolderPath = "http://YOUR-SharePoint-Site/sites/sales/documents/Invoices";

SPFolder TargetFolder = SPContext.Current.Web.GetFolder(FolderPath);

Target.Item["Name"] = "Invoices 2014";


Read more: Here



As per SharePoint best practices, Any update directly to the database is not going to a viable solution and supported. so use only the object model or CSOM or the supported way for this.

  • Thanks for reply. I tried to find about "object model or CSOM" not get useful information, could you provided any link if you have. I am new in sharepoint. Commented May 19, 2015 at 7:11

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