For internet based share point web application it has below statistics

Total Number of Search Queries : 1928

Total Number of Daily Unique Visitors: 800

No of page views per daily : 3334

How i design the topology and how i use new stream lined topology?

My requirements is - i want to allocate dedicated search server -- which search component should i run in this server?

  • i want to allocate dedicated application server Performance point and excel services ( we have heavy use off SSAS data sources to build BI dashboards)

  • I want to add two Web Servers for web application -- in this which services should i run can i run the request management and distributed cache services and share point foundation web application service in these two servers?

-- for other Search services query processing should i run in WFE server?

which services should i run front end servers ? and in batch processing servers?

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Based on the specifications, I would say you are building a small farm. So below is the configuration that can be suggested

Two WFE' - you can run the request management (this services is really not needed and even you can disable it - please plan to use a load balanced environment such as F5 if you can afford) , Central Admin, distributed cache, app frabic services and share point foundation web application service will be in these two servers.

Two App servers/batch servers:

One dedicated for all search related components One dedicated for BI specific requirements and others - PPS, user profile, visio, workflow,STS, Excel, BCS and so on.

One DB environment with fail-over configuration.

Overall, you can even consider just a single WFE since your page views is around 800. but it is advisable to have another just for a failover purpose and based on Severity.

  • Hi thanks, for central administration service and sharepoint foundatinweb application service should be allow in same server for performance ? and should i run distributed cache service also in WFE servers compulsory ?
    – adilahmed
    May 16, 2015 at 12:08
  • we have already planned F5 for load balance so is request management service also needed to run in WFE servers?
    – adilahmed
    May 16, 2015 at 12:09

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