We have a webapp, which is hosted on a normal IIS. Our client wants to host the webapp in a SharePoint page. This is how the page roughly looks:

<sharepoint site>
        <iframe src="mypage.com" />
</sharepoint site>

As authentication they want to use SharePoint authentication, which gives us a problem. We need to be able to authenticate against the SharePoint from an external site.

Is that possible? If yes how do we build a working solution. If no, are there any other options to use at least the same authentication database like the SharePoint?


If you have a single Page and want to keep SharePoint as the Authenticating source. The easiest option is to create a Page in SharePoint Web Application and then edit the source of the page to make it look like the Page you are targeting.

  • I don't quite understand, what you mean. The webapp we have is a normal ASP.net MVC 4.5 project, which also should run seperate from SharePoint and then use Windows Authentication. – Knerd May 13 '15 at 11:50

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