I cannot create PPS data source(DS) at sub-site level.

For example : when I am creating DS at site : https://mysp.a.b then everything works.

When I am trying to create DS at subsite : https://mysp.a.b/mysubite then I am getting following error : "An unexpected system error has occurred. Additional details have been logged for your administrator."

I tried to add permissions to web application.

$w = Get-SPWebApplication -Identity https://mysp.a.b 

It did not help. Thanks in advance!


I will answer my own question, maybe it will help somebody.

So what I did.

1) I opened dashboard designer from root site level( https://mysp.a.b ). 2) Next in tab Home, I added the new list and pick up the DataSource list from my sub-site( https://mysp.a.b/mysubite) and I was able to create a new data source within this list.

I did the same for Dashboards/Report/Filter in this sub-site. Hope this will some others.

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