We get the following error message

Feature '75a0fea7-625d-4b31-be9e-24cee53d0d72' for list template '1009' is not installed in this farm. The operation could not be completed.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Looks like this is migrated site( from 2007) because the AssetTrackingAssetsList(75a0fea7-625d-4b31-be9e-24cee53d0d7) is part of fab 40 packages in Moss 2007.

  • Now either you need to upgrade and deploy that package in 2010 if you are still using that template.
  • Or you can use the SharePoint admin tool to clean up the stuff from the site collection. here is the tool from codeplex



Feature with ID 75a0fea7-625d-4b31-be9e-24cee53d0d72 is missing in your farm.

This feature represent Site Feature AssetTrackingAssetsList and is available in solution ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp.

So to resolve you should deploy that solution into the farm.

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