I barely have any idea what I'm doing with SharePoint as I come from a Linux admin background so forgive me if I'm missing something glaringly obvious.

I'm working with an existing SharePoint 2013 setup and I'm trying to enable Access Services following this guide. I am stuck at the part where you add your new user to the App Management Service App with full control because It simply isn't in the Manage Service Applications page. When I go to Manage services on server I see App Management Service and it is started.

I'm guessing maybe you have to view the Central Admin page from a Managed Account but I don't have the login credentials for the one account set up like that.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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While you should be able to see it, you can use New-SPAppManagementServiceApplication to create it instead.


If you are not seeing the app management services at Manage Service Application page then that's mean this services has not been provision. You have to create the App Management Services Application for this.

Please follow this documents to configure it.

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