I have a site collection of type Team site, where i did some customization for the seatle.master master page using SharePoint designer 2013.

Then i have created a sub-site under the site collection,, but i have noticed that the master page customization did not apply to the sub site,, so can anyone advice how i can force any sub site to inherit the same Master page from its parent site collection?


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One workaround is:

  • Enable the Publishing feature at site collection
  • now browse this page sitecolelction/_layouts/15ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx
  • Now you can change the master page for all subsite.enter image description here
  • what if the user create a new sub site ? will it inherit the parent master page ?
    – John John
    Commented May 11, 2015 at 12:56

Hope this helps someone who comes across this question.

When I tried


from the previous post, I received an error. I discovered there was a typo. "/" missing after 15.

Please use the following to get to the Site Master Page Settings page.


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