I am trying to create a document on a list if a
date list field is set.

So I have a workflow that executes when a list item is changed. In the workflow, I have set a workflow variable X to mydate (mydate is returned as string). Then I have tried the condition : create the element if X is empty. But it doesn't work as the element is created in any case (either the date is set or not).

So, I turned to regular expressions.

The check I am using trying:

if X corresponds to regular expression  [0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{2}\/[0-9]{4}
   create item in MyLibrary

Anyway, this doesn't work as the item in MyLibrary is created either if mydate is empty or set to a proper date. ? I have tried others regex that match a date but with no luck.

I am using Sharepoint 2013 with a workflow 2010. If the regular expression doesn't match a date no item gets created.

Is there anything wrong with my regular expression?

EDIT: in the end I used X contains 2. For 985 years it should be ok...

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Empty dates are not as they seem.

Make an action to log the empty date value (assign it to a workflow variable) to the workflow history list for debug purposes, and you'll see a value similar to 1/01/0001.

Once you know that you can check for the substring, and if it matches do whatever else you need to do.

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