I want to copy a list (as it is with the same properties/metadata) from Sharepoint Online to another list in another tenant.

I want to also copy all the properties and metadata of each item.

I'm using C# and CSOM

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The easiest is to save the list as a template with content and download the file, re-upload it as a template in the new destination

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    Can you please attach some details about how to sava list as a template and then upload it? May 6, 2015 at 9:03
  • can i have code plz , and in case of library , i should save all file in my pc !!! is thre another solution? May 6, 2015 at 9:42
  • this procedure is done via the interface
    – susan
    May 6, 2015 at 9:44
  • i want to do it via my application (windows form , c#) May 6, 2015 at 11:11

you may use SharePoint API and C# to do this and you may refer to the below link as a reference

Part 1: Copy a SharePoint List Programmatically

Here's the code:

// Instantiate web instances
SPSite sourceSite = new SPSite(@"http://SharePointServer:31001");
SPWeb sourceWeb = sourceSite.RootWeb;
SPSite destSite = new SPSite(@"http://SharePointServer:31002");
SPWeb destWeb = destSite.RootWeb;

// Get a reference to the source list
SPList sourceList = sourceWeb.GetList("/Lists/Announcements");

// if the list exists on the destination site, delete it
   SPList temp = destWeb.Lists[sourceList.Title];
catch { }

// create new list on the destination web with same properties
Guid newListID = destWeb.Lists.Add(sourceList.Title, sourceList.Description,
SPList destList = destWeb.Lists[newListID];

// copy items
foreach (SPListItem item in announcements.Items)
   SPListItem newDestItem = destList.Items.Add();
   foreach (SPField field in sourceList.Fields)
      if (!field.ReadOnlyField)
      newDestItem[field.Id] = item[field.Id];

// set quicklaunch settings
destList.OnQuickLaunch = sourceList.OnQuickLaunch;

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