I want to add two webparts to two different pages, using PowerShell

Webpart1 to sites/customers.aspx

Webpart2 to sites/support.aspx

$FullPageUrl = $SPWeb.Url + "/" + "sites" + "/customers.aspx"

This will only set 1 webpart to a page, but I also want to have support.aspx

$FullPageUrl = $SPWeb.Url + "/" + "sites" + "/support.aspx"

Could I maybe on some way set in my webpart the url were it should be deployed?

for example in my webpart:

<url>customers.aspx</url> Webpart1

<url>support.aspx</url> Webpart2

And then on some way set like this in powershell

$FullPageUrl = $SPWeb.Url + "/" + "sites" + "$url"

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