I have a SharePoint 2013 on-premise portal and I have used content editor webpart to inset Yammer embed script. I have also added the following urls to IE trusted sites.


When I load the page it displays the yammer webpart with a login button and when I click on the login button it does the auth and the webpart displays feed.

If I have Yammer opened in another browser tab then the webpart automatically loads the yammer feeds (using the auth info).

What should I do to auto login and display the feeds when the webpart loads?

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Found the solution on Yammer developer site... Hope this helps someone.


  container: '#embedded-feed'
        , feedType: ''
        , feedId: ''
        , config: {
             use_sso: true // this line enables SSO
             , header: true
             , footer: true
             , showOpenGraphPreview: false
             , defaultGroupId: 3257958      // specify default group id to post to 
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    Unfortunately Yammer SSO is deprecated and hasn't worked since December 1, 2016.
    – shufler
    Jul 10, 2017 at 17:20

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