I have a table in SharePoint using InfoPath where I would like to have a Calculated column with a conditional formula based on the values of another column. I have a formula that works:

=IF(OR(MyField="Thing", MyField="Something Else", MyField="Another Thing"}),"Something","Nothing")

But I would like to use an array (as I have in an Excel workbook for a similar table) to look something like this:

=IF(OR(MyField={"Thing","Something Else","Another Thing"}),"Something","Nothing")

Is there a way to simplify the first formula so that I don’t have to write out MyField = 'for each item'?

In my real case, there are 10 items in MyField that I am looking for.

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You need to do it the hard way


If you are very sure those 10 values are unique you can do it with a String comparison:

      , "Something"
      , "Nothing"

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