I'm in a situation where I want to grab the web part controls and/or HTML content of the controls for a publishing page, and format the content before it is rendered.

How can I go about this? I've thought about using a UserControl to run server-side code, or perhaps in the layout that the content resides in? However, the layout is in the design manager.

How can I access this published page content before it is rendered?

Edit: The end goal is to allow users to specify HTML tags (i.e. data- attributes) and handle them on the server-side to hide and display content based on varying business scenarios; thus, allowing them to easily add/edit content that will be displayed dynamically).

SharePoint 2013 - On premise

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You can use Page.Controls for getting the control in Server Side.

From your update I think below approach will work

  1. Create a Custom List to capture fields to Hide
  2. Now using Browser Tool find the element id and store it in the configuration list
  3. Now you need to take a decision whether to user Client Side or Serve Side
  4. If client side - Then use a Script Editor Webpart and user JavaScript to read custom configuration list and use jQuery to hide elements
  5. If server side - Then create a new webpart and read configuration list and iterate through Page Controls and remove or hide elements.

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