I am using CSOM to retrieve items from the "Access Requests" list.


I am trying to figure out all the possible values of the "Status" field.

I have found the following values (just from looking at the access requests page and comparing to the data retrieved from my code)

  • 0 = Pending
  • 2 = Accepted
  • 5 = Withdrawn

I have been unable to find any reference to these codes online. Can anyone point me to a reference for these values or let me know what you figured our on your own?

EDIT: This is for the status of invitations (in the access request list) - not the moderation status of people requesting access. When I "share" the site, the invitation ends up in the access requests list with the IsInvitation bit set to true. Please see image below where I point out the IsInvitation and Status fields. I am looking for the possible values/meanings for Status (not moderation status).

This image shows a status of 5 for an invite that has been withdrawn.

enter image description here

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Statuses are stored in Approval Status field (Internal Name: _ModerationStatus) for the specified Access Requests list

How to retrieve values of _ModerationStatus field via CSOM

var listTitle = "Access Requests";
var fieldName = "_ModerationStatus";
var list = ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(listTitle);
var field = list.Fields.GetByInternalNameOrTitle(fieldName);
var fieldChoice = ctx.CastTo<FieldChoice>(field);
var values = fieldChoice.Choices;
foreach (var value in values)



About Moderation Status field

According to Moderation Status the following are all possible valid values for Moderation Status:

  • 0 - The list item is approved.
  • 1 - The list item has been denied approval.
  • 2 - The list item is pending approval.
  • 3 - The list item is in the draft or checked out state.
  • 4 - The list item is scheduled for automatic approval at a future date.
  • Thank you for the info. Please see my edits above, as I am looking for info on "status", not "moderation status". Thank you!
    – M.Ob
    Commented May 4, 2015 at 11:57

OK whilst "_ModerationStatus" values are 0..4 (where 0=Approved), this is not the same as the "Status" field of an Access Request, which has values I have obtained from the Microsoft.SharePoint.SPAccessRequestsUtility (public enum StatusToInt), as well as accessrequestsviewtemplate.debug.js file (located in 15 hive, Layouts folder):

  • 0=Pending (which could also trigger expired is an invitation)
  • 1=Approved
  • 2=Accepted
  • 3=Denied
  • 4=Expired
  • 5=Revoked

I obtained this from powershell hitting the field and obtaining the SchemaXml property, reverse-engineering code as well as this MS link

Also look at these links depending upon your need:

  1. article 1
  2. article 2

Copied here for someone also looking for this.

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