I got requirement from one of my customer to develop a form having relation between list and library in addition one list item having multiple relations/items in the library so. The customer require to view all information in one page. For example.

  • List: Contract (Having all details related to contracts)
  • Library: Contract_Attachments ( having the all required documents with its properties and linked with ID from Contract list)

I would like to get the final display as shown in the below Picture.

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enter image description here

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From above screenshot it seems to be display form of a list Contract. So this will have listitem ID in URL querystring.

Now on this display form page. Go to edit page. Then add Querystring filter and Contract_Attachment library. Now connect a query string filter using ID from URL to the custome ID column(linked with ID from Contract list) in document library.

Here is reference for filtering using QueryString filter.


Instead of using query string filters I would suggest to use out-of-the-box webpart connections. A short tutorial you will find in this video: Youtube

In your case the connections should be something like this:

Provider Field: Contract No (Contract Webpart) Consumer Field: Contract No (Contract Attachement Webpart)

You just need to make sure that the 'Contract No' field for the library items is correctly set.

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