I found that I can set this property for any folder in a library. But what does it do? I thought I would get redirected to this welcome page when I click in the folder. Instead nothing is happening.

Does anyone know if this property can be used somehow? I'm intrigued to know.


That property is used by Publishing sites to set the Home Page.


You can also use similar technic to set List welcome page


We can't have a welcome page for each of the sub folders. Folder is a container of items and it doesn't make sense to have a separate welcome page for folders.


Gets or sets the URL to which users are redirected when they browse to the folder.

A string that contains the URL to which users are redirected. For a wiki site, the string specifies a site-relative URL, for example, MyWikiFolder/MyWelcomePage.aspx, but for a wiki library, the string specifies a folder-relative URL, for example, MyWelcome.aspx.

SPFolder.WelcomePage Property


    SPSite site = new SPSite("http://server:100/sites/InternetSite/");

SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb();

SPFolder folder = web.RootFolder;

folder.WelcomePage = "TestWiki/Hello1.aspx";


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