I've spent many days scouring the internet for something that will help me, but I'm not finding what I'm looking for. I need a document approval workflow for SharePoint 2013, with what would be conditional approvals, I think?

First off, I have the following columns in my doc library: Name, Modified, Modified By, Requester (Person or Group column type), Needs Invitation (Yes/No check box).

I need a workflow that sends the document (when uploaded) to Person X for approval. If Person X rejects, it routes back to who uploaded the doc (Modified By). If Person X approves and the Needs Invitation box is set to No, the workflow ends and an email is sent to the Requestor indicating the document is approved. If Person X approves and the Needs Invitation box is set to Yes, an email is sent to Person Y indicating that the document is approved and an invitation is needed. I also would like a direct link to the document to be included in the email (not to the doc library) if possible.

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Open up SharePoint Designer.

Create a new Workflow for that Document Library. Set the workflow to Start automatically on new item create.

Inside workflow

  1. Drop activity Start Approval Process. Here choose Person X.

You can modify Approval Process. Then modify how overall Task Process. Here you can add Send Email activity in case of Approval or Reject.

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