Got a script that creates new site collection based on a template (clone site collection). Problem is that some users type in slash / backslash in the title site column, that makes the url wrong.

Is there a way to use Column Validation to validate the input. I don't want the users to write characters that screw up the url, like slash, backslash, questionmark in the title column.

I've tried to put in RegEx without any luck :( [RegularExpression(@"^[^\/]*$")]


Just include the / in the character class. But since you are using / as the regex delimiter you need to escape it as well as /. Hope this helps


I've tried as many variations of slash / as I can come up with:

  • \2F
  • \002F
  • %2F
  • &#2F;
  • 0x2F
  • ...and more

We simply cannot use these characters in site column names if want to use them in this kind of custom validation.

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