we have item forms where people need a long time to fill out. I many cases the form digest timout is reached and the item not saved.

SharePoint writes the log error message

ViewStateLog: Failed to find entry in cache: https://sharepoint/sites/Site1/List1/NewForm.aspx

A solution on this site is to extend the form digest timeout. The question I have is:

  • Is extending the timeout a recommended way?
  • What is the performance and storage impact when setting the timout to 8 hours
  • Are there other recommended ways to extend my viewstate session? (calling document.form[0].submit() would work, but SharePoint clears the RichText-Fields)

Thanks for suggestions!


it is depend upon the requirement, as per my experience we increase this timing to 2 hours on one web application out of many.

The Web Page Security Validation feature helps enhance security by imposing a time limit on Web pages when a user submits information to the server. When a user tries to submit information to the server after the validation time-out expires, the user receives the error message that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section. If users frequently experience the symptoms that are described in the "Symptoms" section, consider increasing the security validation time-out value.

Increase it to 8 hours, for me clearly a big security gap. You are giving a user 8 hours to keep the data and using the Memory for long time. Definitely a performance issue.

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