We have some limited SharePoint data in an external application; one of the fields we store in this outside application is "sharepointId" which has values like {3FC51B00-543F-48E7-B774-403140B0BE56}, taken from SharePoint SOAP services in the ows_GUID field.

Mostly, EditForm.aspx seems like it wants the ID field with an integer identifier for that item in the list, with URLs of the form https://sharepoint/sites/My-Site/MyLibrary/Forms/EditForm.aspx?ID=1397

So clearly this external system doesn't have the right integer IDs necessary to generate those links. The question is: is it possible to generate a URL if you know only the GUID, host, and list name?

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Use Title to store your GUID.
Both ID and Title can be used in EditForm.aspx parameter, for example:

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