Is there a way to setup the site Recycle Bin that it will not automatically delete items more than 14 days old?


This setting is controlled in Central Administration.

  • Go to Manage Web Applications under Application Management.
  • Select the Web Application for which you want to edit the setting and click on General Settings on the Ribbon.
  • Set whatever values you want:

enter image description here

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When a user deletes an item, the item is automatically sent to the first-stage Recycle Bin. By default, when an item is deleted from the first-stage Recycle Bin, the item is sent to the second-stage Recycle Bin. A site collection administrator can restore items from the second-stage Recycle Bin.

As Paul mentioned in his answer how to configure it. By default it is 60 days for 1st stage recyclbin and 50% of the site collection quota for 2nd stage.

Plan to protect content by using recycle bins and versioning


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