When user images sync from active directory the image url is https://example.com/sites/mysitesUser%20Photos/Profile%20Pictures/user_MThumb.jpg. I'm missing a slash after mysites. If I manually upload an image within CA it works perfectly. Has anyone run into this before?


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Their are couple of ways to fix this kind of issue.

  • Update the Mysite Host with trailing Slash i.e http://mysite/
  • We can update this manually by going to user profile properties inside user profile service application and linking it to the correct picture.
  • Use the powershell to update this.

    here is code:

        $site = get-spsite "http://SiteCollection"     $context=  [Microsoft.office.server.servercontext]::GetContext($site) 
    $userProfileManager = new-object Microsoft.office.server.userprofiles.userprofilemanager($context) 
    $profiles = $userProfileManager.GetEnumerator() 
       foreach ($profile in $profiles) 
        $Matchurl = "http://mysitehost/User PhotosProfile Pictures" 
        #Provide the incorrect URL for the picture 
         if($profile["pictureurl"].value -match $matchurl) 
                Write-host $profile["AccountName"].value "contains incorrect url" 
                $CurrentURL = $profile["Pictureurl"].value 
                $CurrentURL = $CurrentURL.tostring() 
                $GoodUrl = "http://mysitehost/User Photos/Profile Pictures" 
                #Provide the correct URL for the picture 
                $CorrectUrl = $CurrentURL.replace($matchurl,$goodurl) 
                $profile["pictureurl"].value = $correcturl 
                Write-host $profile["AccountName"].value "PictureURL has been corrected" 


  • This worked. Though, now I'll have to run a job every night after the profiles sync to correct the picture urls. Seems a little strange that I'd have to do that every night.
    – Ryan
    Apr 24, 2015 at 16:29

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