I want a site to be crawled for search. In site (not collection) features which of the following features should be activated?

  • Search Config Data Content Types
  • Search Config Data Site Columns
  • Search Config List Instance Feature
  • Search Config Template Feature

Thank you

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None of these features required to be activated to perform the Search on the Site. Search will work without these.

These features used when you want to import /export the search configuration from /to another site collection.

SharePoint 2013 Design Manager design packages

You would choose this option if you are designing a site and creating conditional search results, or controlling the search experience. This configuration contains assets like query rules, result sources, result types, and any schema and ranking models. To ensure that the import of the search configuration does not fail, there must not be duplicate names for any elements of the search configuration. For example, if you have a query rule in a site collection named SampleQueryRule, and you import it into another site collection with an existing rule named SampleQueryRule, importing the search configuration fails. To prevent this, you can rename or delete the query rule on the source or on the target. Result sources, and the schema, also have to be uniquely named. If you want to include a search configuration in your design package, you must activate the following features at the site level under Manage Site Features


You dont need to activate any features in your site. Just configure the contentsource in the serchservice application in your central administration to crawl that site.

Here's some more info on that


You do need to make sure that the Search and Offline Availability page has the Allow this Site to Appear in search results setting enabled.

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