I have a web application running on port 443 https with windows authentication, machine name is "localspdev" I have following site collections

/ (Root site collection)

site1.dev (HNSC)

site2.dev (HNSC)

If I browse "https://localspdev" I get root site collection, which is fine. I can browse site1 and site2 as well

I am extending web application to extranet zone with forms and windows authentication enabled, port is 443, https and host header is "extranet.dev"

when I browse "https://extranet.dev", root site collection comes up, which I don't want, I can create 1 more extranet HNSC but how can I configure "https://extranet.dev" to open/link new extranet site collection?

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Zones represent different logical paths to gain access to the same sites in a web application. Each web application can include as many as five zones. In simple words, zones are used when you want to access the same content with different authentication or URL. Basically it allows you to treat a single site differently based on what URL is used to access the site.

So if you want different site collection with then you need another HSNC with that url.


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