I need a calculated column to return the mmm of a Date Field. Except, if the Date Field is empty, I would like the calculated column to also be blank.

The original formula for the month is =TEXT([Date],"mmm"). This returns 'Dec' if the Date field is empty.

I tried =IF(ISBLANK([Date]),"", &TEXT[Date], "mmm") but am getting an error.

Is this sort of thing possible?

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=IF(ISBLANK([Date]), "", TEXT([Date], "mmm"))

You get December for an empty date becuase SharePoint starts counting dates at 31 december 1899

Your formula is almost correct, just some typos:

This should work: (I added some spaces for clarity)

=IF(  ISBLANK([Date])  ,  ""  ,   TEXT([Date],"mmm")   )

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