I have a custom list in SharePoint 2010.This list is to collect the metrics from each POC,which means each POC will have multiple metrics/items to update.

Is there any way that I can send 1 email notification(using SharePoint Designer workflow) for each POC for all the metrics he has to update?

  • It is hard to create such a workflow because workflows are tied to a single item. Also loop etc will be difficult in case of 2010 – Amal Hashim Apr 23 '15 at 13:34
  • @AmalHashim Thanks for your reply. Or is there any way that I can consolidate/collate all the items ID in a column, assigned to each POC? using calculated column/javascript/xslt – George Apr 23 '15 at 16:05
  • If it is on-premise can't you use Timer Job? – Amal Hashim Apr 23 '15 at 16:07

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