There is three type of WCF service host factories in SharePoint 2010/2013:

  1. MultipleBaseAddressBasicHttpBindingServiceHostFactory Basic HTTP binding must be used, which creates endpoints for a service based on the basic HTTP binding.
  2. MultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory The service factory creates endpoints with web bindings.
  3. MultipleBaseAddressDataServiceHostFactory A data service host factory can be used.

What is main real difference between last two MultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory and MultipleBaseAddressDataServiceHostFactory?

What are the main pros and cons between choosing one or another?

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MultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory for a REST service.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Services.MultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory dynamically creates the configuration hence no need to update web.config file of SharePoint web application. One thing to notice here is that you can’t access the service in browser with MEX endpoint. For example if you service is http://server/service.svc, then the URL http://server/service.svc/mex will not work for service created with MultipleBaseAddressWebServiceHostFactory.

MultipleBaseAddressDataServiceHostFactory for an ADO.NET Data Service. The data services are best suited for providing data feed.

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