I want to use a result source to get all published pages of a type in a sitecollection. In a different result source I want also the drafts so I have enabled this possiblity in the libraries. However I'm unable to get a filter for Published pages to work. I have tested all versions I can think of for Page.x ListItem.x but with no luck.


You need Moderation Status (ModStat) for this to work. You need map crawled property to managed property.

Crawled property = ows__ModerationStatus. "Require Content approval" must be enabled on library (Library Settings > Versioning Settings > Enable "Require content approval for submitted items").

Map that crawled property to managed property for ex. RefinableInt00.

Go to Site Settings > root > Under Site Collection Administration click Search Schema > Crawled Properties; search for ModerationStatus and add to RefinableInt00 managed property.

Run full crawl. After full crawl you can use RefinableInt00 in query.

In result source build query something like this:

RefinableInt00=0 (for approved)

RefinableInt00=3 (for draft)

Status | Internal Value

Approved | 0

Rejected | 1

Pending | 2

Draft | 3

Scheduled | 4

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