I wanted to have a code behind file for home.aspx file for my sharepoint site. but on adding this

<%@ Page 
    Inherits="MyNamspace.MyCustomCodeBehindForHomeAspx, $SharePoint.Project.AssemblyFullName$"

It is throwing this error : The dynamicmasterpagefile attribute on the page directive is not allowed in this page.

I want to know why it is throwing this error


Check that your code-behind MyNamspace.MyCustomCodeBehindForHomeAspx class inherits one of the SharePoint page classes: UnsecuredLayoutsPageBase or its descendant. This property is declared in it.

Another option is if you'r trying to use your aspx-page as Site Page instead of _layouts-page.

Take a look at MSDN for more details about DynamicMasterPageFile token.

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