I have a Sharepoint list which contains a field which is calculated based on two other columns. However when the two other columns both contain zeroes the result comes out as #DIV/0!.

The actual formula is very simple it is: [columnA]/[ColumnB]

Both columns are formatted as numbers, I have tried this a few times and it comes out the same each time

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    What do you expect? Division by zero is mathematically undefined. Most programming languages and calculations either return a "division by zero" error of some sort or "undefined." You could do something like =IF([ColumnB]=0,"My own error message",[ColumnA]/[ColumnB]) – Rothrock Apr 19 '15 at 17:30

You can not divide by zero.

Use this to check if the denominator is equal to zero.

=IF([ColumnB]=0,"Division By Zero!",[ColumnA]/[ColumnB])

Why can't we divide by zero?
How different programming languages handle division by 0?

  • In case ColumnB is empty or string value it is better to use: IF(ISERROR([ColumnA]/[ColumnB]),"Div by zero",[ColumnA]/[ColumnB]) – Danny '365CSI' Engelman Apr 20 '15 at 13:41

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