I want to get the task title in a calcualted field to form a URL to custom approval page. Basically I tried

 =CONCATENATE("<a href=http://****/SitePages/ApprovalPage.aspx?WFTitle=",[Request Description],"'>Approve/Reject</a>")

But in [Request Description] value, I am getting part of the title value.

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I have removed the spaces in the task title and it started working.


You have a typo in your formula, only one closing single quote but no opening single quote, so the browser adds quotes when it finds a space in your [Request Description] title; that's why you only get the first word.

You don't need the concatenate function, & concatenates as well

To prevent mixup with single quotes next to double quotes I tend to use the SharePoint escape notation of "" so a single HTML double quote is added in the SP string

Line breaks will be removed by SharePoint when the Formula is saved; it makes the Formula better readable; you can copy/paste this

 ="<a href=http://****/SitePages/ApprovalPage.aspx?WFTitle="""
 &[Request Description]

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