I'm looking to create a SharePoint site for the following:

-I have three lists: software product, help desk tickets (with a lookup column to the software product), and knowledge base documents (with a lookup column to the software product)

I'd like to create a site that when someone clicks on the software product, they go to a page that shows all the help desk tickets and knowledge base documents for that software product.

I can figure out how to manually do this using data view web parts (XLST list view, if you prefer) - e.g. filter the results - but I haven't figured out how to pass the value that the user selects to the rendered page.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


You can either just link to the page that is created when you create a list view (AllItems.aspx or CustomList.aspx) or you can use the Query String URL Filter web part, which would allow you to pass in a string via the URL that you could then pass to one or more list web parts.

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