Is there a way to show the form(NewForm.aspx) when you do the drag and drop in a document library?

I already put some of the fields mandatory so the user won't be able to do the ckeck-in without fill those fields. But i want to know if i have other options here, like show the form

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Here's a StackExchange thread on that. The short answer is there is no good solution in 2013. Your options:

  1. Use default content type and required fields to prevent documents from being checked in (which you're doing).
  2. Use a workflow to email people who haven't provided required information in a timely manner.
  3. After detecting that a file is finished uploading add a layer yourself that prompts them for the data
  4. Add an event handler on the back end to run certain actions when a new document of type x comes through and redirect to a page where they could be prompted.

Good luck.


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