I'm trying to call a user control (.ascx) in a client web part that I've created, knowing that I need to do that in a provider hosted app. Can someone give me a helpful tutorial please? What should I make in the client web part to call the page.ascx ?


Yes. First you should register the ascx file in the Markup of your webpart

<%@ Register Src="~/_controltemplates/15/Folder/Page.ascx" TagPrefix="uc1" TagName="PageAscx" %>

Then add the control using

<uc1:PageAscx runat="server" id="PageUC1" />
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  • thanks Hashim ,but should I put both of this lines in the my webpart.aspx ?? – N.Sahraoui Apr 17 '15 at 14:25
  • Yes. Both line goes into your web part markup – Amal Hashim Apr 17 '15 at 14:31

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