Let's say I am using Remote Blog Storage (RBS) in one of my content database and decide not to use anymore.

  1. How can I roll back RBS?

  2. What will happen to my data and how can I migrate it out of RBS?

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  1. You can disable Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) on any content database. After you disable RBS on a content database, binary large objects (BLOBs) are stored inline in SQL Server for all subsequent writes to the content database. This article describes how to disable RBS on a content database.
  2. you data will be fine, instead of using of RBS it goes back to inline in SQL Server. To Disable the RBS on a content DB use this powershell.

    $site=Get-SPSite "http://yourSiteURL" $rbss=$site.ContentDatabase.RemoteBlobStorageSettings $rbss.SetActiveProviderName("")

Disable RBS on SharePoint 2013 content databases Migrate content into or out of RBS in SharePoint 2013


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