I have many videos on SharePoint. the problem is that when a user play the video he has to wait for it load completely and then watch. basically the video is not buffering. how can i enable the buffering/streaming option on SharePoint.

proof of concept: i monitored the videos loading completely from the developer tool and started playing the hole video was downloaded.

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Video buffering is supported in SharePoint. The out of the box video player webpart supports buffering, however there are a lot of people who have experienced issues trying to buffer videos of large size.

You can probably try this

Source: Enhanced Video Experience in SharePoint 2013


Actually, i enabled the BLOB cache from the web.config on the front end server which immediately enabled the buffering on SharePoint.

for more info follow this link: TN Configure cache settings


if you use sharepoint content query webpart to show videos from Asset Library, videos will be open in a pop up automatically instead of downloading it (as it happens in Content Editor Webpart). It may be behaviour of html5 enabled browser. But i tried this and it works

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