I'm having difficulty editing a SharePoint 2010 page. Someone else created it. The set up is a bit different than normal. The page has an InfoPath form embedded in to it. I have full admin rights to the site, so I should be able to do anything. When I click on Edit on the ribbon and go into page edit mode, all I see are two web parts, InfoPath Form Web Part [ 1] and InfoPath Form Web Part [2]. Here is an image of what I see:

enter image description here Please note: I cannot see any sign that this page or the web parts are associated with a list. I tried playing around with the web part properties, and the ribbon features, but I cannot find any way to make actual edits. For example to open the form in InfoPath and make edits. There is no List tab, or Lists and Libraries option.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to edit the page? My goal is to be able to alter the content of the web parts.

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