How to export a wsp file from sharepoint 2007 and import it to sharepoint 2010. Also what all are things that we should keep in mind before & after the process

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For extracting you can use Solution Extractor Tool from below link


Once you have extracted the wsp. You can use PowerShell for installing it into your SharePoint 2010 environment.

Add-SPSolution c:\path\wspname.wsp

Install-SPSolution –Identity wspname.wsp –WebApplication http://sp2010url -GACDeployment

Ideal way is to upgrade your visual studio solution to 2010.



Theres a similar question & answer here regarding exporting wsp from SP 2007.

You could use Powershell to install in SP 2010. Refer this post

Eg: To add to farm

Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "C:\FolderName\Solution.wsp"

Deploy to Site Collection

Install-SPSolution -Identity "Solution.wsp" -WebApplication "http://WebSiteUrl" -CASPolicies -GACDeployment -Local -Force

The parameteres are explained in the post. Note: CasPolicies is depricated in SP2013 in case you need to deploy in SP2013 later on.

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