Is there any order to configure service application? Is there any dependency?

Please guide me.

  • What service applications you are planning? – Waqas Sarwar MVP Apr 16 '15 at 14:20
  • Access Services, Business Data Connectivity , Excel , Managed Metadata , PerformancePoint , Search , Secure Store , State , Usage and Health , User Profile , Visio Graphics , Web Analytics , Word Automation – ARD Apr 16 '15 at 14:28

Their is no hard and fast rule about the order of the Service Application configurations. But here what we did.

  1. State Service
  2. Usage And health
  3. Managed Metadata
  4. User Profile Service( for social features you need MMS before it and Mysite host Web Application)
  5. Search Service( for people search you need UPA and MMS before)
  6. Secure Store Service Renaming you can install in any order because No hard dependencies on other service applications. But all EE services required other components i.e install SQL component etc.

There is specific sequence but there are services which has dependency on others. I would suggest to use autospinstaller to provision all SharePoint servers including service applications which follow a recommended sequence and setup the correct permissions. Below is the recommended sequence of Service applications installation:

  1. Create StateServiceApp
  2. Create MetadataServiceApp 3.ConfigureClaimsToWindowsTokenService
  3. Create UserProfileService Application
  4. Create SPUsageApp
  5. ConfigureUsageLogging
  6. Create WebAnalyticsApp
  7. Create SecureStoreServiceApp
  8. ConfigureFoundationSearch
  9. ConfigureTracing
  10. Create EnterpriseSearchServiceApp
  11. Create BusinessDataConnectivityServiceApp
  12. Create ExcelServiceApp
  13. Create Access2010ServiceApp
  14. Create VisioServiceApp
  15. Create PerformancePointServiceApp
  16. Create WordAutomationServiceApp
  17. Create ProjectServerServiceApp
  18. ConfigureWorkflowTimerService

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