I would like to send email notification to one or more people that exist in a person or group field.

Is this possible using a workflow in SharePoint Designer?

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Yes. You can use Send Email activity. And choose the Person Or Group.



It is very simple and easy to send an email from the SharePoint Designer.

You would be required to select the Send Email option from the Action Menu as shown below.

enter image description here

Once this option is selected a dialog box will be opened where you will be able to find options for the constructing the mail. Also in the To and CC fields you can select the members of the People and Group field.

enter image description here


If the email you want to send is triggered by setting the assigned to field of a task or issue listitem, you can enable a (task or issue) list's Send e-mail when ownership is assigned option.

""Send email when ownership is assigned?" Due Date functionality

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