I have a Sharepoint 2013 Site Collection where I allow super users to create new Subsites using a Custom Site Template.

I have a link on the Main page to go to the 'New Site' page, but I would like to pre-select the Custom Site Template, and some of the options on that page. Doing this would lower the possibility of user error, and would also allow me to change/update the custom site template without confusing users.

I was initially thinking I could do this using a QueryString of some sort, but now I'm not too sure. Is this at all possible, and how?

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I don't believe you can automatically select the option without altering master pages somewhere, but you can do it either with web services & workflow or server side code.

Here's an example of someone doing it on StackExchange using c#, but in short it's using this sort of format:

SPWeb newWeb = siteCollection.Add(“/” + siteUrl, siteName, “site description”, 1033,{Name of the Site Template}, ownerLogin,ownerName,ownerEmail );

Here's an example of someone using the REST service and SP workflow to get it done using the /_api/web/webinfos/add end point and passing in the template GUID.

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