I have shared a folder with onedrive with others in Office365. After couple of days i have removed the user from my shared folder however the user still able to see the folder. Is this browser cache or Do i have to wait hours or days to get this impact?. Please advise, thank you

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If you remove the sharing with user at folder level then it should remove it immediately. couple of things to make sure.

  • check the folder properties and see if that folder still shared with the user.How do I see who I'm sharing a document with?
  • also may be user have the permission /shareing on the root of that folder which give them automatic permission to lower end.
  • Hi Waqas. Thanks for your response. I have edit the question. The permission is removed immediately however the user who has removed from shared folder is still able to see the folder that is being shared
    – Supermode
    Apr 16, 2015 at 3:38

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